WP 20140823 09 50 00 Pro 2My name is Linda and here is a little bit about me.


I am a psychic medium and have been learning and gaining experience for the last 10 years or so. It was a traumatic time in my life the brought me to Spirit after a sudden loss that shattered my life. I turned to psychics for comfort and a few of them told me they could see I had a gift, so I found a circle that felt right to me and joined Pat Smith's Circle at Shelfhanger.
Having no confidence at that time I enrolled on a healing course, but the more I got into that the more messages came to me for people I was healing! I had to give (though not supposed to while healing) I passed a healing course but then decided to pursue Mediumship. I then attended weekend courses with Jane Wallace, joined a Circle and attended development workshops etc. with Tara Mason. (Tara the seer)
I now do many MBS fairs with Spiritual flow events among others and do Stage work as well as One to one readings, groups etc.

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